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At Optimized Solutions we believe, your network is critical to your business—but it's not the core focus of your business. To compete effectively, you need a way to optimize the design and performance of your network without diverting resources from more strategic areas. Our Network Management Service (NMS) provides outside network monitoring and network management expertise to keep your network running at its best, minimize network downtime, increase application performance, and meet new networking requirements. Our network operations Centre staff continuously monitors your WAN circuits and devices for potential problems, then works closely with your IT staff to resolve them. Automated alerts, issue tracking, and coordination with your outside vendors provides transparent and efficient problem resolution.
We employ some of the best tools of the trade to help manage your network. Some of them are

  •  PRTG, Kaseya – Network Monitoring
  •  Solarwinds - Server & Application Monitoring
  •  ManageEngine – Network & Server Monitoring

Proactive Network Monitoring

Our team at Optimized Solutions comprises of experts in the field with hands on NOC experience establishing consistent and proactive troubleshooting methodologies of your Infrastructure, ensuring uptime.

We can help maintain your IT Infrastructure to meet business challenges and have a competitive edge. Our team of specialists will work with you in determining the best solutions that suit your needs and proactively monitor and troubleshoot bottle necks in your IT Infrastructure.

Online Monitoring & Remote Troubleshooting

Optimized Solution's server monitoring, prevention, and management service provides a complete server solution. Our server support provides 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, of peace of mind.

Our team helps trouble shoot your network remotely while proactively monitoring, maintaining and managing your IT Infrastructure. Our experts not only help solve the issue but also analyse, document and resolve every issue within your network and server infrastructure. We use a structured approach backed by industry standards and processes to identify, troubleshoot and resolve Infrastructure related issues. A Root Cause Analysis approach is taken from problem detection to problem resolution. All of the steps undertaken in the service life cycle is documented and added to a knowledge base which is used to resolve similar such problems should they occur, there by guaranteeing a consistent uptime.

Our team coupled with our industry backed processes and standards; helps refocus your key resources on core business activities while we handle the core of your infrastructure.

Incident Handling and Reporting Systems

Optimized Solution's Incident Management & Reporting System have been developed by industry experts keeping in view the changing landscape of technology. We use the latest tools and technology to ensure:

  •  Consistent delivers
  •  Service Uptime
  •  Reliable Incident Resolution
  •  Incident Reporting

At optimized solutions, we have systems / personnel and processes in place to consistently resolve your Network and Server Infrastructure related problems in the most effective and efficient way possible. We aim to become the support backbone that holds your IT Infrastructure in good shape, always.

We employ some of the best tools of the trade to help manage your network. Some of them are

  •  BMC – Incident & Problem Management
  •  ManageEngine – Incident Management

Problem Management Using Predictive Analytics

At Optimized Solution, we use state of the art predictive analytics techniques to identify problems and possibly establish resolution steps before the problem occurs or can become disastrous. Our systems monitor and report the status of your infrastructure continuously and help us identify well in advance of potential threats and down times.

We use intelligent predictive analytic techniques to

  •  Identify Potential Problems
  •  Establish Possible Resolution Steps
  •  Perform a Root Cause Analysis
  •  Guarantee consistent uptimes

Our predictive analytics system is powered by Apache Spark and is an industry accepted and trusted technology powering global businesses worldwide

Bandwidth Management Services ( BMS )

Optimized Solutions's Bandwidth Services help businesses gain visibility into their bandwidth usage and also help optimize its use. Our BMS enables your business address a wide range of bandwidth related questions.

  •  Is your bandwidth being wasted due to unproductive usage?
  •  Do you know who is using the most bandwidth?
  •  Would you like to allocate guaranteed bandwidth to critical application and users?

Using our BMS, we can help your business have

  •  Faster applications
  •  Reduced bottlenecks
  •  Accelerate & Compress traffic
  •  Better control over your network

Network Security Services

At Optimized Solution, we have a team of Network Security Specialist who aim to provide you first-hand information about your existing Networks vulnerabilities. Our processes to identify potential threats evolve from experts in the industry and have stood the test of time. Some of the key components of our Network security services are

  •  Vulnerability Assessment
  •  Penetration testing
  •  Threat Detection
  •  Intrusion Detection
  •  DDos and other malicious attacks

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