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Digital Transformation

While digital transformation means different things to different people, its concept becomes a mantra for earning relevance and establishing leadership in a digital economy. Altimeter Group defines Digital Transformation as follows:

The re-alignment of resources or new investments in technology and business models to more effectively engage Digital Customers at every touchpoint from product design to manufacturing to marketing to sales and customer support in Customer Experience Lifecycle.

What are the main drivers for Digital Transformation initiatives? More importantly, what is your business driver?

Digital Transformation in Manufacturing

Industry 4.0 will enable an era of shop-floor smart sensors that can make autonomous decisions and trade-offs regarding manufacturing execution leading to smarter processes and smart products that communicate within production environments and learn from their decisions, significantly improving performance over time. What are some 'Game Changing' trends that are facilitating 'Great Opportunities' creating the next set of Business Champions.

Product-as-Service models would become the new profit centers for companies and as the technology matures, some forward thinking manufacturers are considering Manufacturing-as-Service, a new way to use capacity that does not necessarily belong to them. Consider how Uber and Airbnb create value by using assets that they do not possess. The same movement may take over the manufacturing industry as it seeks to advance agility in product development and market testing as the next cycle of evolution within smart manufacturing.

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So how do we enable Digital Transformation for our customers?

We work closely with our customers to increase their 'Digital Quotient' to achieve the expected business outcomes.

The guiding principle to foster for customers looking for Digital Transformation is: 'Think Big, Move Fast, Start Small, Deliver Value'

So, what are the steps to get started on this Digital Transformation Journey?

Our goal is to become the Partner of choice in our Customer's Digital Transformation Journey and to here is what we offer for our customers:

  • Bring together 'right' team – thought leaders, software, hardware & services
  • Start with the Digital Transformation Strategy
  • Initiate a Digital Transformation Program
  • Start with a Pilot project for a Smart Connected Product
  • Scale the Pilot to Production for this product
  • Measure, Monitor, Improvise

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